We specialize in burglar alarms for both residential and commercial, and offer the latest technology in security and monitoring systems. We are proud to say that we are locally owned and operated, and all accounts are monitored and locally serviced.

24/7 Monitoring – Starting at $21.50 per month

  • Napco Security Products

    Control Panels

  • Napco Security Products

    Security &Fire Systems

  • Napco Security Products

    Motion Sensors

    A motion sensor detects an intruder moving inside, by body heat and movement, which is great for open areas. Pet immune sensors are available for pets that weigh between 40 - 80 lbs.

  • DSC Control Panels

    DSC Control Panels

    The main Control Panel for your burglar alarm holds the control board and your back-up battery. The panel is locked and placed in a discreet location.

  • DSC Keypads

    DSC Keypads

    Keypads come in many varieties. We can find one to fit your specific needs and budget.

  • Wireless Remotes

    Wireless Remotes

    These are small remotes that come in key chains or pendants. You can arm your system in Stay and Away modes as well as disarm your alarm with the remote. It can also be used to sound the alarm in the event of an emergency. The pendant is used as a panic button as well as a medical emergency button for immediate response.

  • DSC Keypads

    Ring Video Doorbell

  • Wireless Remotes

    Ring Video Monitors

Contacts - Wireless and Hard Wired

Contacts – Wireless and Hardwired The wireless contacts stick to the window or door, and the hardwired ones get drilled into the window or door.

  • DSC Control Panels
  • DSC Keypads
  • Wireless Remotes

Alarm Sirens

The siren makes a loud audible noise when your alarm is activated. Sirens with strobe lights and higher decibels are also available.

  • DSC Control Panels
  • DSC Keypads
  • Wireless Remotes
  • DSC Control Panels

    Glassbreak Sensors

    Glassbreak sensors detect the sound of glass breaking which is great for homes and businesses with large windows and big animals.

  • Smoke detectors

    Smoke Detectors

    Smoke detectors that are linked to your alarm system allow the central station to notify the fire department if the smoke detector senses smoke.

  • CO carbon monoxide detector

    Carbon Monoxide Sensor

    Many homes use natural gas. Carbon Monoxide Sensors detect this colorless, odorless gas, which could save your life.

  • Cellular Back-up

    Cellular Back-up (No Phone Line – No Problem)

    A cellular back-up is used if there are no phone lines present; it allows your control panel to still communicate with the central station in the event of an alarm. This cellular back-up is in fact a backup system if your phone lines were cut by an intruder or not working for any reason. This system would give you back-up communication with the central station. Extra monitoring fees may apply.

  • Barrier Bars

    Barrier Bars

    These bars are placed on your basement windows, and if someone tries to come through the window, your alarm will go off.

  • Threat Extinguisher

    Threat Extinguisher

    Threat extinguisher is tactical grade pepper spray secured in a smart alarm equipped case. Smart case, works just like a glass break fire enclosure.

24/7 Monitoring System starting at only $21.50 per month

Security Equipment and Systems

At Wired To The Max we offer custom security systems to fit your personal needs and your budget. Check out some of the great security services we have to offer.

Wired To The Max Residential and Commercial Security Fire Systems include:

  • Locally Owned And Operated Company
  • 25 Years Of Experience Insuring Quality Installation Service
  • Licensed And Professionally Trained Staff
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Fully Insured Personnel
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Company Employees Insuring Quality Control
  • NAPCO, DSC Products
  • Customer Referral Program
  • Members of the National Fire Protection
  • 24-Hour Monitoring Service Available
  • Reasonable Monthly Charges
  • Video Surveillance Systems (available)
  • Access Control System (available)
  • UL Listed CSFM: Household Burglary/Fire UL 1023/985